Lamp: 300W High Power White LED
Power Consumption: 550W
Power Input: 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Color Tempreture: 6500K-8500K
LED Life span: 50000 hours
Mode: DMX512,Auto, Sound active, Master/slave
Channel mode: 20 / 25CH
Pan: 540°(16bit) Electric correction
Tilt:270° (16bit) Electric correction
Color wheel: 7 colors +open, rainbow effect, arbitrary positioning.
2 Static Gobo Wheels: One packed with 8 static +open, with shake water flow effect, positive and negative, can produce ripple,flame,night sky effect.
Another one is 6 color gobo,make rainbow effect
Rotation Gobo Wheel (glass gobo): 7 rotating /interchangable + open, pattern rotating, pattern water flow effect.
Prism: Rotating 3-facet prism, iris aperture free amplification and reduction, add an effect fixed plate,water flow effect with speed adjustable
Function: Iris, Frost, Focus and Zoom
0-100% linear dimming, fit advanced iris aperture zoom effect, fast, precise, smooth, one of the most advanced optical system in the same class of products.
Strobe: 0-25Hz/s, sync pulse strobe, random pulse stroboscopic,etc.
Focus: machanical focus
Zoom range:8°-40°
Display: Touch screen, English and Chinese interchangeable, reversible display.
Over heat protection
IP level: IP20
Packing Size: 510x420x600mm
Gross weight: 21kg