Light source type: LED*200W light source
Maximum power: 200W
Number of light sources: 1PCS
Input voltage: AC110V-240V 50-60Hz
Bulb life: 50000h
Stroboscopic speed: 1-20Hz seconds
Lamp bead color temperature: 10000k
Light release Angle: 45°
Key mode: touch key mode
Spot shape: round/Mosaic square
Heat dissipation: conductive air cooling
Dimming curve: 0-100%
Adjustment mode: manual adjustment
Number of channels: 5
Shell material: die casting mold + aluminum profile
Connection: hand in hand connection
Internal protection: electronic moisture-proof process
Number of colors: 1 color plate (5 colors + white light)
Working environment: -25°/+35°
Effect pattern: 2 pieces of water ripple, double image can rotate with variable speed
Waterproof rating: IP65
Display mode: LED touch screen digital display
Product size: 34*30*36cm
Protection function: with electronic positioning function, light source overheating protection
Product weight: 11kg
Control mode: INTERNATIONAL standard DMX512/ manual/master-slave mode control
Temperature mode: Real-time monitoring of light source temperature
Body color: black, gray (other colors can be customized)
Other controls: Offline automatic operation
Adjusting Angle: adjust > 180° up and down